A few years ago i took a summer course at central saint martins.

With no expectations i went home after this inspiring week knowing what was important to me. I knew if i was going to be able to give power to the things that could expand my creativity, i was going to live a happy, exciting, dynamic life.

As far as my designing goes, i just let the hormones take the lead and try to create something with a touch of ferocity. Nuances of non-verbal behavior, posture and gesture are sometimes more powerful than words and so i try to make jewelry to enhance that power. I want to make people feel liberated by wearing organic, flowy, funky, bold, but yet passionate and intriguing jewelry. I believe liberation is knowing that you can navigate the world freely in your own confident way.  I see imperfection in every one of my pieces, flaws.  We need to give strength to these flaws and don’t let ignorance affect the way we go about life.

I refuse to adhere to a fixed identity and don’t want to create a constructed one, just as a tool of resistance against voices of quick-witted, acid-tongued criticism. Just go with it, it’s okay to go with ‘no plan’, to go with ‘not sure’. I want people to feel awesomely unpredictable.